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Historic Oxford pub to reopen

For some, the news in January this year that the historic Lamb & Flag pub would not be reopening would have devastated their hopes of completing Oxford’s notorious pub crawl. This fate has changed upon support from the community interest company, The Inklings Group.

The Inklings Group, an Oxford based literary group recognised for their members J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis, both former patrons of the Lamb & Flag, have rescued the pub from closure. The Group has signed a long-term lease with the pub, allowing the literary lover’s pub to keep their doors open. The Group formed in Oxford in the 1930s and 1940s and members frequented the Lamb & Flag and the nearby pub The Eagle and Child. 

Speaking to St John’s College, Kate O’Brien, Chairman of the Inklings Group, said: “Several hundred people, brought together by a love of Oxford and the Lamb & Flag pub, have established the Inklings Group to secure the future of this well-loved pub. We are determined to ensure that the next 408 years of this beloved pub will be as fun, interesting and impactful as the last 408 years.”

O’Brien said that this space is a “community project”  and will be a pub inclusive of Town and Gown alike. 

This comes after news of the pub closing earlier this year incited political involvement from the Oxford Liberal Democrats who highlighted that the pub is an important community asset.

In January this year, upon news that the pub was to close, it was hoped that support would come to prevent the closure of this 17th century pub. 

The pub was originally forced to close after being unable to breakeven in the summer of 2020 after the first lockdown. St John’s deputy bursar said at the time that the pub had been “hard hit by the pandemic” and continued that the college was unable to support the Lamb & Flag. “As a charity, [St John’s] is not allowed to financially support a loss-making business that is not part of its core charitable objectives”, he said.

Principal Bursar of St John’s College, Zoe Hancock, expressed that she was “delighted” that the Lamb & Flag could reopen and believes that “the vision of the Inkling Group will bring great benefit to all”.

The Lamb & Flag will remain recognisable in its traditional character but will also undergo a light refurbishment.

The Lamb & Flag has been serving Oxford students and academics alike since 1566 and will now, with the help of the Inkling group, be able to continue their trade this festive season. 

Image: *Robert*/CC-BY SA 2.0 via flickr.com

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