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It all begins with breakfast

Marietta Kosma talks about the importance of Christmas breakfast.

It has long been said that breakfast constitutes one of the most important meals of the day. Really, there is nothing more refreshing than a hearty breakfast after a good night’s rest. Delicious food is one of life’s greatest pleasures, and especially during the pandemic, it became one of the few things left to enjoy. Still, many people often lack imagination for this early morning meal and end up making the same things over and over again; the average working person is looking for something quick and easy like cereal and milk, whilst others may skip breakfast entirely. Trying to get ready for work on time in such a hectic world can prevent us from having an adequate moment to pause, and to eat. However, no matter the hurry we were in, my family and I would always make sure to have some kind of breakfast before starting our day.

Even though we would eat breakfast every day, what stands out as a tradition in my family is Christmas Day breakfast. Breakfast on Christmas Day signifies the beginning of the festive season, the time when my mum gets off work, and my sister gets back from college. It is the season when everyone feels more relaxed as, instead of rushing and racing off, we get to spend the morning together as a family. It is the time when we become reminiscent of what the previous year has brought, both on a personal and family level. This special breakfast is a must; it has never let me down.

Christmas breakfast is something that all look forward to and always enjoy. My mum cooks lavish treats, loving to take care of everyone. Mum’s breakfast consists of sunny-side-up eggs, some kind of meat (usually crispy bacon and turkey sausage), golden home fries, moist chocolate cake with vanilla icing, homemade biscuits with strawberry and fig marmalade that my grandma has made, pancakes which are eaten with maple syrup, and mimosas (mum’s favourite holiday drink). At the table we all usually start by grabbing a pancake. My sister always sits across from me and grandma right beside me. Then she will ask my mum if she needs any help yet: my mum will predictably and consistently answer in the negative. By the time we grab a bite of all these delicacies we are already starting to feel full, yet we continue eating more and more. 

The choice of these particular dishes for breakfast reflects my mum’s American heritage, as well as her Greek cultural influences. American breakfast tends to be a combination of sweet and savoury dishes, whereas the Greek breakfast typically consists of savoury dishes only. As a Greek-American myself, I have a sweet tooth. I could solely survive on eating dessert and that is one of the reasons why I am so drawn to this particular sweet and special breakfast.

All in all, Christmas breakfast is a very special tradition for my family and one that we will continue to cherish. There really is nothing like waking up to the smell of hot pancakes and biscuits and I hope that one day, I too will continue this tradition with my own children.

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