I am unfortunately unable to commence a review of the Oxford Fashion Gala without confirming that yes, I was the model who fell down the stairs on the runway. But it was worth it for the shoes.

I jumped at the chance to get involved with the fashion show: I’m graduating in a few months, and it was a great opportunity to mix with some of the most fashionable denizens of Oxford. The attendees did not disappoint clothes-wise – the call to ‘dress like Anna Wintour is watching’ was absolutely met. While some met the theme with glamourous black-tie looks, equally interesting were those who mixed high-fashion creatively with street style.

The outfit I chose to go with comprised an upcycled corset top and denim flares. I had been meaning to rework a pink velour sweater and rehabilitate the skinny jeans I had kept from my teens for a long time, and I resolved that this would be their time to shine. During the Easter vacation I got sewing, and while the corset top was a far more successful (read less frustrating) project, I ended up being happy with both pieces.

I chose to model my own pieces, as when I sew I just measure the proportions to my own body, and I had a lot of fun walking the Freud runway. Despite falling down the stairs, I like to believe I pulled it off (please don’t tell me otherwise). I channelled angry high fashion model face and loped along in my friend’s towering gothy platforms. You would never have known from the high level of professionalism that most of the models had no prior experience walking a catwalk. It was an absolute joy to see all of the hand-crafted looks on display – from patchwork crochet dresses to eighties-inspired blazers. When the designers came onstage at the end of the catwalk they received a well-deserved round of raucous applause.

Overall, the Gala was a delight – let’s hope that The Second Tuesday in Trinity 2023 lives up to the inaugural event!

Image Credit: Madi Hopper

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