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BREAKING: No confidence vote proposed against Union president Charlie Mackintosh

Three members of the Oxford Union have brought a no-confidence motion against President Charlie Mackintosh, and a vote will be triggered if the required 150 signatures are received.

They claim the president has demonstrated “gross misconduct and a shameful capitalisation of his office” in inviting Tzipi Hotovely back to the Union this evening, to participate in a panel discussion about the Abraham Accords. 

In their motion posting, the members allege that Israeli security “conspired to intimidate and harass members of colour and pro-Palestinian members” when Hotovely attended the Union in Trinity term. They also state that Mackintosh did not adequately question Hotovely about the killing of Shireen Aby Akleh,despite media conclusions of Israeli responsibility. Twenty minutes of audience questions were also allowed.

In light of this, and the Union’s action in inviting Hotovely back less than a year later during Mackintosh’s term as President has led to the calling of the vote.

A lack of sufficient notice of the events which “typify the double standards between Palestinian and Israeli ambassadors” are also cited by the writers as reasons for the motion. The writers concluded their motion by stating that the President has “deliberately conspired with foreign agents to promote the interests of an apartheid state”.

As yet, it is unspecified if and when the motion of no confidence will be brought before the house. The panel on the Abraham Accords will take place tonight at 8pm.

This story will be updated to reflect ongoing developments.

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