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McCoys Kebab van returns to Pembroke Square 

A popular kebab van, McCoys Express Food, has returned to Pembroke Square. 

The van had previously closed whilst waiting for the Drivers and Vehicles Standards Agency to grant its operating licence. 

Mccoys advertises itself on Facebook as “Oxford’s favourite kebab van.”

The return may prove controversial however, as Pembroke College, situated on Pembroke square, has made attempts to have McCoys moved since 2003. 

The college previously claimed that students “run the gauntlet to get home as revellers flock around the van”, citing those that buy food from the van after a night at the pub or club.

Last year, the college failed again to get the kebab van moved. Instead, McCoys was able to announce on Facebook eight days ago that it is “coming back with a bang. Hope you guys are hungry.”

The van operates seven days a week between 6.30pm and 4am. Upon its return, it will also offer a delivery service between 6.30pm and 2am. 

McCoys has also announced that it will be adding mozzarella dippers to its menu. 

When asked, a Pembroke student commented that students are generally excited about the return, particularly because of its convenience for the college. The student felt that the noise complaints were not a serious problem.

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