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Magdalen’s deer-lemma: one deer still missing

Three Magdalen College deer escaped from the college’s deer park last week, due to a malfunctioning gate. Whilst two of them have since returned to the college, one is still missing. 

So far, the college has closed off certain paths, including the gates at Bat Willow, Hollywell Ford, and Addison’s Bridge, in hopes the deer will return. Magdalen told Cherwell: “we are doing everything we can to encourage [the deer to return to college], including leaving treats out in the evening. 

The college added, “thankfully, this is a very rare event. We make every effort to ensure our beloved herd is kept safe at all times.” 

Magdalen has been home to a herd of deer since the 1700s. Currently, 60 deer reside on the college grounds. 

The still-missing deer was last spotted on Merton grounds, near St Catherine’s College. One Magdalen student told Cherwell that the whole situation “really puts a dampener on our ongoing peace process with Catz, as they are clearly blaring propaganda to our otherwise well-adjusted deer and getting them to defect.”

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