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A window to the soul

“A window to the soul”
I would fix my gaze upon its shutters
Pale, dusty blue-green
Tarnished edges
An irritating creak
They’re faulty,
Letting unwanted light stream in
Blinding me,
Or they snap close, abruptly
Bathing me in silky darkness
A frantic tug at their strings
A frenzy of grasping fists
Looking for a way in
Beyond invitation
Pressing their faces to the glass panes
Contorted expressions,
Of pain, of pleasure,
Disgust, hope, longing, lust, wanting…
Waiting impatiently
Tapping to crack the fragile glass
Closed eyes
Away from the pain
Pressing fingers into my skull
I’ll curl up in the darkness
Let the shutters open again once more
Leave me here for now
Just don’t let it consume me yet.

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