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To all the pubs we’ve loved before: Crown Vs. Turf

Today we are putting two classic favourites, the Crown and Turf Tavern, head-to-head. Turf is arguably the most famous pub in Oxford. It was a gambling house (now a Greene King) in the heart of Oxford – though as two people who live above the alley, people really need to stop reading the “education in intoxication” sign out loud… The Crown is slightly less famous, but equally convenient being just off Cornmarket Street. As a Nicholson’s pub, the Crown’s is the ideal destination if you’re looking for the classics, with their house and Camden pale ale being the most popular. Turf was slightly more unique, and we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to try a pint of their house  bitters and their own pale ale, both of which were delicious. For food, we ordered nachos from both, and the Crown came out the clear winner, with Turf’s somehow lacking cheese (?). Though Turf’s chicken kiev that our friend Gabriel ordered was incredible (narrowly beating out the chicken schnitzel at the Crown)! Overall, with their central locations and similar prices, neither pubs are ones to miss. We have to give the win to the Crown, simply  for the cosier atmosphere (the fairy lights are a big plus!) and it was a bit less busy than Turf – Réka had to sprint to occupy a table that was being vacated… If you go to either, you will certainly not be disappointed. 

The Crown vs Turf Tavern – Final tally 

Pints: 3/5 vs 4/5 

Food: 5/5 vs 4/5 

Price: 3/5 vs 3/5 

Ambiance: 5/5 vs 4/5 

Overall: 4/5 vs 3.5/5 – Crown wins!

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