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BREAKING: Addi Haran elected SU President

Addi Haran has been elected as President of the Student Union for the academic year 2024.

The results for the remaining five sabbatical positions were as follows:

Alfie Davis elected as VP Welfare.

Alisa Brown as VP Activities and Community.

Joel Aston as VP Liberation and Equality.

Lauren Schaefer elected as VP Postgraduate Education and Access.

Eleanor Miller elected as VP Undergraduate Education and Access.

Elliot Possnett, Alex Dunn, Luca Di Bona, Jimmy Sergi, Leo Buckley, Anas Dayeh, Sara Jupp were all elected NUS delegates.

Louie Wells, Charles Phua and Harry McWilliam are the student trustees-elect

Haran is committed to making the work of the Oxford Student Union more transparent and ensuring it prioritises its students. She also pledges to promote equality, for example by standardising rent prices across colleges and lobbying a campaign for recognising disabilities. 

Addi Haran told Cherwell: “I am incredibly grateful for Oxford students for giving me the opportunity to be their president. As all candidates agreed, the SU needs significant reforms; the task ahead is hard. But I’ll work for all students and be President for everyone, so the SU can work for everyone.”

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