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Andrew Mendelblat

The Just Assassins

Sensitive acting adds to the force of a Camus adaptation

Freedom of Speech: where are the boundaries?

'Write whatever you like', many people say. It's not that simple...

Buried Child

Sam Shepard's pretentious, flawed play gets better acting than it deserves

All the World’s a Stage: Shakespeare improved

How Shakespeare's admirers thought his work needed a few rewrites

Don Carlos

We weigh in on the upcoming adaptation of the Friedrich von Schiller classic

These Dark Materials

An adaptation of His Dark Materials hits Oxford next term, and Cherwell went backstage to see it being created.

The Cactus Where Your Heart Should Be

The Cactus Where Your Heart Should Be is fun, but never quite brilliant

The Philadelphia Story

The OFS performance of late-1930s classic The Philadelphia Story is hugely enjoyable

Not as stable as they look?

More information and analysis on Cherwell's interview with Bob Blackman on the future of the West End

Theatre Expert: a third of all West End theatres may go bankrupt

In an interview with Cherwell, the author of a GLA report on the West End discusses what its future may hold

Take To The Streets

In the latest in our series on world theatre, Cherwell dons the cap of the workers to look at the influence of theatre on 1980s protests in Eastern Europe

The Theatre By The Brewery Entrance

Two years after a £5.1m restoration programme, Cherwell goes to visit the Theatre Royal, Bury St. Edmunds

What’s On in Hilary

Cherwell looks at the plays of the first half of term

London Laughs

The Oxford Revue come to the capital (8th and 9th January)