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Anna Robinson

Approaching sexual assault on screen: The triumph of I May Destroy You

Coel reminds us that sexual assault is not always staring down at us from a bathroom stall. Sexual assault can be quiet, even subtle. Sexual assault can live hidden, unnamed in memories for years.

Trinity: A Term out of Touch

The components of Trinity 2020 were approximately 15 zoom calls and a pervasive sense of disappointment.

“It could have been worse”: the danger zone of sexual harassment

Implicit in every catcall is a recognition that my existence in your world is limited to how much voyeuristic pleasure you can derive from my body. You are reminding me that by leaving my home I am apparently consenting to being sexualised by total strangers. It is symptomatic of a wider culture whereby female existence can be seen as a medium for male gratification.

A man’s best friend

As a child, I developed a strange habit: whenever I wanted anything, I would make a PowerPoint. My younger self had a compulsion to...

Face to Face // Screen to Screen

If there’s one thing a national lockdown has given me, it’s time. Weekly screen-time reports never fail to astound me – minding my business,...

Culture and isolation: the silver linings

I’ve found myself – an English undergraduate – reading for fun again.