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Alcoholism at Oxford University: A Perspective

"Alcohol nearly ruined my life. For many years to come, I think, I’ll still be grappling with its consequences."

A Beginner’s Guide to Being Single

"I’m going to remind myself of all of the reasons that I am lucky to not be in a relationship at this point in my life."

Freedom of speech in 2023: Why the Oxford Union will never cancel controversial speakers

I don’t support young people from minority or oppressed groups having to defend their own rights in the chamber. I do, however, believe that, the Union should not rescind invites on the basis of Oxford students disagreeing with their views

Review: I Will Delete This Story

"I found that I Will Delete This Story left me wishing that the titular promise had already been fulfilled."

No Sex in the City

Once upon a time a young woman came to study amongst the idyllic spires of Oxford. She dreamed of being ‘Crazy in Love’ as...

100 days on: I’ll give you a choice.

December 26th marks 100 days since the beginning of protests in Iran, sparked by the murder of Mahsa Jina Amini, because of a loosely...

A recovery toolkit to anorexia

"Recovery is confusing - it is not black and white and there is no one who can do it for you. This is where specialist eating disorder services can guide and support you. Recovery is abstract - it is not the same for anyone but that is the beauty of it. ‘Abstract’ is not synonymous with ‘bad’; ‘hope’ is abstract, ‘peace’ is abstract, so too is ‘contentment’."

A question of consent: sexual assault in Oxford

CW: Sexual Assault, violence, rape. "If I didn’t tell this man to stop, how could he have known how uncomfortable he was making me?" Anonymous reflects on their experience of surprise and unconsented choking, and the line between kink and assault.

ADHD among the dreaming spires

CW: Contains descriptions of addiction.  "It’s like jenga. I build a tower, I gradually remove blocks, and then BAM! I collapse." IK reflects on their experiences as an Oxford student with ADHD.

‘Consent Matters’ Review: University offers Stick Figure Sex Education

"University administration and the misguided writers of Consent Matters are disconnected from the reality of sexual assault and harassment in Oxford. A course which divorces consent education from face-to-face discussion is ineffective."

Slightly Stained

My breath is since-soured coffee and yours is sweet cigarette smoke.

Beyond the Bullingdon: A closer look into Oxford’s Secret Societies

Cherwell dives deep into Oxford's clandestine world: Tutors, Tories, bankrolling alumni, and dinosaurs are only the beginning of the world behind doors.

A Guide to Black Tie (sort of)

Let us remember the slip-ups, the expense, the rules, and all that we love about wearing black tie

Telethon calling leaves students and alumni cold

Colleges need to re-think telethon fundraising