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Antonio Gottardello

All wound up by a Clockwork Orange

It is always a challenge to adapt a novel’s narrative to the stage. Even more so, when the novel is a dystopia like A...

Brexit at the Blavatnik: debate review

Antonio Gottardello believes vibrant discussions on the EU are the key to making the referendum a positive event, regardless of the actual result

One thing I’d change about Oxford: coffee-free libraries

Whilst the awe-inspiring architecture of Oxford’s libraries is something nobody would wish to distance themselves from, their distracting influence on everyone’s work is beautifully...

Review: The Herbal Bed

Antonio Gottardello is satisfied by this play that isn’t really about Shakespeare…

Review: The Fairy Queen

Antonio Gottardello is taken to another world by this magical production

Trump: a blessing in disguise?

Antonio Gottardello argues that Trump's rise will help create a break towards the left in the US

Review: The Good Delusion

Antonio Gottardello finds this moral play fun but disappointingly shallow