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Antonio Pattori

Benedict XVI’s legacy – a misunderstood pope?

Benedict XVI, certainly, did not possess the charisma or the pastoral attention of his successor, yet he laid the strong foundations for Francis’ pontificate.

A very Italian scandal: the story of Draghi’s fall

The uniqueness of Italian politics is its surreal and absurd dimensions.

The perils of historical comparison and the dangerous origins of Putin’s ideology

"Historical comparisons can reveal potential outcomes yet no hard facts."

Hysterical Histories: Great Escapes

"Frank Morris, and Clarence and John Anglin, successfully escaped Alcatraz Island after tucking papier-mâché heads into their beds: these were models of themselves made to sneak out at night, literally like mere sixteen year old teenagers."

Hysterical Histories: Horrid Henry VI

October 2021 will mark the 550th anniversary of one of the most bizarre, yet relatively unknown, events in human history: the restoration of Henry...

It’s coming to Rome: The Italian response to Euro 2020

"in order to win you need more experience, hard work, respect, and, most importantly, humility. The humility to realise that football does not have a home, but rather chooses one."