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Ayaat Yassin-Kassab

The Rejection Letter

"I’m also worried that I’m simply not interesting enough to care deeply about anything, and that means that I won’t succeed."

Fasting and Feasting: food as the love language of the Arab world

"Whether fasting or feasting, the togetherness is what’s important."

Divorce and Décor: how interior space manifests internal worlds

Children of divorced parents with shared custody develop an attitude to their physical surroundings that is rooted in acute awareness - a heightened perception...

Tales from the Trip

There are some magical moments amongst the weirdness and terror of tripping.

In Defence of Hook-up Culture

Ayaat Yassin-Kassab discusses how we might come closer to a ‘reformed hook-up culture’ whereby we safeguard our feelings alongside embracing new experiences… The hook-up scene...