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Brian Wong

Not Wong: The Invisibility Cloak

*Queerness is used here in a reclamatory manner. I want to talk about what it means to be an invisible Queer, and the hidden, pernicious...

The campaign for curriculum decolonisation in SOAS

Leaders of the movement cite the underrepresentation of non-European thinkers and the contributions of Oriental and African philosophies within European intellectual history as the primary justification for systemic reforms.

Not Wong: I can’t wait until I could see your political hot-take of the day

In some sense or another, this article is indubitably meta-, and suspiciously self-referential at points. In other senses, this is written in reaction to...

Not Wong: Eternal vigilance guarantees no freedom

Brian Wong urges readers to keep vigilant and work together to fight the rise of right-wing populism

Not Wong: A case for genuine equality

Brian Wong queries common ideas of equal treatment, and makes the case for unequal treatment in the short term so as to uphold genuine equality

Not Wong: Depression

Brian Wong offers a thoughtful meditation on the burden of depression in the Oxford community

Not Wong: Lewandowski at the Union

Brian Wong attacks the use of classical liberal arguments to defend the presence of Trump's campaign manager at the Union, but argues he should be allowed to speak nevertheless

Do not go gentle into that good night

In the wake of Donald Trump's victory, Brian Wong calls for efforts to rebuild the decency and community Western politics has lost

Not Wong: US Presidential Election

In this week's Not Wong, Brian collects the Truths, Opinions and Falsehoods circulating around the rapidly approaching US Presidential election.

Not Wong: A Second Referendum

This week's Not Wong constructs the principled case for a rerun of the European referendum, asking the question of whether truly democratic decisions can be made by uninformed electorates.

Not Wong: Homelessness

Brian Wong argues that changing the way we frame the issue of homelessness can help solve the problem itself

Not Wong: Trigger Warnings

Brian Wong takes issue with the rising condemnation of Trigger Warnings by the political and educational establishment