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Charlotte Dawson

Leaked email reveals active politicians will not be considered for Oxford chancellorship

"An email leaked to The Telegraph, sent to Oxford academics by University registrar Gillian Aitken, stated that “members of legislatures or those active in politics” will be blocked from becoming the next chancellor. Until now Theresa May, Boris Johnson and Imran Khan were considered popular contenders for the role, which has also previously been occupied by Oliver Cromwell and Harold Macmillan."

City Council changes provisions for homeless in Oxford

Oxford City Council is relaunching its Somewhere Safe to Stay service, which provides short-term accommodation for people experiencing – or at risk of experiencing – rough sleeping. It aims to provide shelter for people while their needs are assessed to link them with the support they need. 

St Peter’s Boat Club officially breaks world record

St Peter’s Boat Club has received confirmation that it successfully broke the World Record for the Longest Continuous Row, after rowing for 10 consecutive days on a single rowing machine. The previous record of seven days had been set by Hull University Boat Club in 2019.