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NEW win landslide Union election victory, all officers elected

Charlie Mackintosh has been elected President of the Oxford Union for Hilary Term 2023. Mackintosh was the Union’s Librarian for Trinity Term 2022, and...

Cherwell Town Hall: Anvee Bhutani and Charlie Mackintosh in their own words

With Union members going to the polls tomorrow, Cherwell speaks with the candidates for the presidency. They were given the opportunity to comment on...

Cherwell’s Top 40 BNOCs

Cherwell News presents the Top 40 BNOCs of Oxford.

Oxford declared Britain’s ‘Capital of Woke’ 

Oxfordshire has been proclaimed the UK’s most ‘right-on’ county. In an attempt to shame Oxfordshire for its “drippy hippy” culture, ranging from gender-neutral toilets to...

Oxford SU criticises Uni plans for trashing fines

In a press release to Cherwell, the Oxford SU condemned plans by the University to fine students for 'trashing'. A tradition dating back to the...

Ahmad Nawaz wins Union Presidency, EMPOWER sweeps officerships

Ahmad Nawaz of the EMPOWER slate has been elected President of the Oxford Union for MT 2022, winning 486 first preferences. Nawaz was the...

Cherwell Town Hall: Meet the SU Presidential Candidates

Don’t have time to comb through multiple manifestos or six different op-eds? The Cherwell News team spoke to all the candidates for the Presidency of the Oxford University Student Union so you can compare them all in one go and make an informed decision.

OULGBTQ+ secretarial election plagued by misinformation

The current candidate for Secretary for the Oxford University has suffered from the spread of alleged misinformation surrounding her campaign, with both messages and posts on public forums describing her as an “evangelical Christian” and “right wing (American) Republican.” 

Two Oxford professors on advisory board of UK’s biggest carbon emitter

Two Oxford University professors are members of the advisory board of a company which operates a power station which has been described as the largest source of greenhouse emissions in the UK.

Magdalen President received at least £134,000 for role in anti-gay marriage case

"Ms Rose was criticised by students and societies at Oxford for representing the Caymanian government in their attempt to oppose the legalisation of same-sex marriage."

BREAKING: University claims information on in-person teaching delayed until after Easter holidays

The University of Oxford has updated its guidance to suggest that information on in-person teaching will be delayed until after the Easter holidays at...

Wolvercote residents campaign against St. John’s College Oxford North development

"Wolvercote residents led an hour-long socially-distanced protest outside St. John’s College on Friday to show their displeasure with the college’s plans to redevelop the green-belt land which it holds in North Oxford."

Former judge criticises Magdalen President for role in anti-gay litigation

TW: homophobia Magdalen’s President, Dinah Rose QC, has been criticised for advocating on behalf of the Caymanian government in its struggle against the legalisation of...

Oxford SU LGBTQ Campaign responds to Graham Linehan’s Union invitation and cancellation

“These events are an inevitable result of the Union's commitment to causing controversy rather than encouraging debate. The society has acted with poor judgement both in inviting Mr Linehan and in choosing to revoke that invitation, thereby opening themselves to the same accusations of 'cancel culture' they had originally sought to discuss."