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Sunday, June 26, 2022

Coral Kim

‘Blanched and pureed’: what does globalisation do to world music?

"Is the hit single really a triumph of Korean music and the result of successful diversification of the globalised music industry? Or is it an omen of homogenised world music, blanched and pureed under Anglophone influence?" Coral Kim discusses whether BTS disprove the model of "l'exception française".

Gift-Giving in 2020

"a difficult balancing act, between thoughtfulness and practicality, and between social responsibility and reception"

New Year’s Resolutions: Do They Work?

That my new year saw a rough start is a huge understatement. I spent its first three hours crying alone in my room, for...

Remember, Remember Your Duty to Remember

Coral Kim explores the impact of 'Translations' and 'The Height of the Storm' on both her and society.

Review: Life of Galileo

Didactic elements of Brecht's biographical play are highlighted by Velvet Vest Productions.