Wednesday, May 5, 2021

    Eleanor Zhang

    Stop worrying about antiheroines when the real evil is still at large

    The rise of antiheroines stresses essentially the same thing every wave of feminist movement attempts to accentuate, that a woman’s refusal to be suppressed and abused by patriarchy is always less threatening, when what they’re rebelling against is still prevalent

    Review: ‘The Picture of Dorian Gray’ – A Portrait of Theatre in the Digital Age?

    "Like the portrait tapping into the existence of its sitter in the original Wilde story, so is this year’s Dorian sucked into his online ego." Eleanor Zhang discusses the virtual production of Oscar Wilde’s enduring story of vanity, desire and self-deception.

    Tenet review: Can visual spectacle make up for missing humanity?

    After three postponements and millions of dollars’ worth of Covid-induced extra marketing, the much-anticipated action-thriller film, Tenet, has finally greeted a global audience, giving...