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Fergus Morgan

Milestones: The Smiths’ Panic

Fergus Morgan reflects on The Smiths' seminal 1986 single 'Panic'

"Soccer lends itself to being depicted in an iconic way"

Football illustrator Daniel Nyari discusses his work and what it's like to be a 'football purist'

Interview: Paul Trevillion

Fergus Morgan chats to legendary sports artist Paul Trevillion

Preview: Constellations – a rehearsed reading

Fergus Morgan previews this reading of Nick Payne's idiosyncratic love story

"Oh Charles, what a lot you have to learn!"

Fergus Morgan talks to the acting director of the Oxford Botanic Garden

Milestones: Bowling for Columbine

Fergus Morgan reflects on Michael Moore's seminal examination of America's gun problem

Review: Potosí

Fergus Morgan is charmed by this innocent, amusing and quintessentially human piece of student writing

Review: The Woman in Black

Fergus Morgan relishes the theatrical subtelty of this classic ghost story

Milestones: Edward Bond’s Saved

Fergus Morgan examines the monstrosity of violence in Edward Bond's controversial work

"Washing the dust of daily life off our souls"

Fergus Morgan examines the difficulties endemic in attempting to portray genius

Review: The Country

Martin Crimp's tense three-hander is both gripping domestic drama and thought-provoking philosophical comment, says Fergus Morgan

Preview: The Country

Martin Crimp's taut thriller has the potential to utilise the BT Studio effectively when it arrives there in Eighth Week, says Fergus Morgan

Great Books, Good Looks

Fergus Morgan chats to Rich O'Grady, founder of The Oxford Book Club

Interview: Louise Chantal

Fergus Morgan talks to the newly-appointed Chief Executive of the Oxford Playhouse