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    Francesca Wade

    Time to embrace the F-word

    Gender equality campaigner Kat Banyard tells Francesca Wade why feminism is needed more than ever

    Walking in an indie wonderland

    Francesca Wade talks Christmas with Andy Burrows of Razorlight and We Are Scientists fame

    Review: Wild Abandon by Joe Dunthorne

    Francesca Wade is impressed by the Submarine author's new offering, a hilarious apocalyptic novel set on a Welsh commune

    Review: Hop Farm Festival (Saturday)

    Francesca Wade heads down to Kent to witness Morrissey and Lou Reed inject this newish festival with some old style

    Review: Get Loaded in the Park

    A wet day on Clapham Common is sweetened by impressive sets from Razorlight, Noisettes and the Cribs

    Wilderness and Truck Festival Fever

    Francesca Wade talks to the organisers of two Oxfordshire music festivals about the problems and hopes involved in their summer extravaganzas

    Review: Tamburlaine

    Francesca Wade takes on Marlowe's tyrant of humble origins

    From Page to Picture: Kazuo Ishiguro

    Cherwell meets the authors behind the books behind the films you love. Kazuo Ishiguro speaks about the complex relationship between film and the written word

    Damian Lewis: Cherwell salutes you

    Francesca Wade speaks to the Band of Brothers star about his acting career, his American personality, and the trials and tribulations of the film industry

    Review: Little White Lies

    Guillaume Canet fails to depart from the clichéd with a film in which the characters smoke a lot, swear a lot and break things when they get angry, without getting up to much

    What Doherty did next…

    Cherwell saw Pete Doherty of Pete Doherty infamy at the O2 Academy, and was pleasantly surprised by both his punctuality and his performance

    Review: Marcus Foster Live

    Francesca Wade is impressed by the rock ballads of Robert Pattinson's best mate

    Review: Cause Celebre

    Francesca Wade finds cause for celebration in this revival of Rattigan's final play

    Review: Mahomet and Zaire

    Francesca Wade is nearly but not quite convinced by these tales of religious fanaticism