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Humza Jilani

Hertford College launches John Porter Diplomacy Centre

This year, Hertford College inaugurated its John Porter Diplomacy Centre, a key part of the Hertford 2030 aspiration to prepare students for “life, work,...

Oxford nuclear fusion revolution: the story of First Light Fusion

This is part 2 in Cherwell’s multi-part series of reported pieces on the personalities and stories behind the nuclear fusion revolution happening in Oxford....

Oxford nuclear fusion revolution: Cherwell meets the scientists

The Oxford community is the home of two startups, First Light Fusion and Tokamak Energy, developing pathways to commercially viable fusion energy.

Oxford exhibit to dispel “curse of pharaohs” myth

Many school children know the ominous tale well. When Howard Carter, a British archaeologist, ventured to the Valley of the Kings in Egypt and...

Oriental Studies faculty to propose changing name to “Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies”

The name “Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies” will replace “Faculty of Oriental Studies”, Prof David Rechter, the Faculty’s chair, announced on Thursday morning. The proposed name change will now be recommended to the Humanities Division and the University’s Council.

Oxford Diplomatic Society visits Russian Ambassador’s Residence and Pakistani High Commission

As the crisis brewing at Russia’s border with Ukraine and Afghanistan stands at the precipice of humanitarian disaster, fifteen University of Oxford students got a sneak peek at the delicate art of diplomacy at work in London.

Oxford researchers to lead 4-day work week trials

After a year that has seen skyrocketing numbers of resignations, the surging popularity of working from home, and corporate rethinks during the COVID-19 pandemic, employers are scrambling to hold onto talent and avert the worst of the so-called Great Resignation. 

Campaigners question potential government sale of £200m Oxford vaccine centre

A vaccine centre in Harwell, near Oxford, has been put up for sale by the government, prompting questions from MPs and observers about the implications of such a sale. The Vaccine Manufacturing Innovation Centre (VMIC) was at the heart of the government’s efforts to respond to future pandemics.

EU watchdog claims possible link between AstraZeneca and rare spinal condition

The European Medicines Agency’s (EMA) recommended adding a rare spinal inflammation called transverse myelitis (TM) as a possible, but very rare side effect of the AstraZeneca vaccine.

Oxford Farming Conference tackles sustainable farming

Industry leaders, activists, and politicians convened to discuss new approaches to building sustainable and resilient farming practices amid deepening economic and environmental challenges in the United Kingdom and globally.

Patricia Kingori becomes youngest Black Oxbridge professor

Patricia Kingori, a research fellow at Somerville College, has become one of the youngest women to be awarded a full professorship in Oxford’s 925-year history, and she is the youngest ever Black professor at Oxford or Cambridge.

2 billion doses of Oxford vaccine delivered

"Today, the vaccine is produced in fifteen different countries, with jabs having been delivered in over 170 countries. The Anglo-Swedish drugmaker initially rebuffed pressures to make a profit on its 2 billion vaccines, while its rivals netted billions in revenues. This year, AstraZeneca is set to make a loss on the vaccine of 3 cents per share, according to the Financial Times."

145 looted Benin artefacts identified by Oxford

"'We acknowledge the profound loss the 1897 looting of Benin City caused and, alongside our partners of the Benin Dialogue Group, we aim to work with stakeholders in Nigeria to be part of a process of redress,' concluded the University’s statement."

Disarm Oxford posters criticise Oxford University’s “ties to the arms trade”

"The posters were placed by the relatively new group Disarm Oxford. Disarm Oxford seeks to lobby “the University — departments and colleges — to sever ties with arms companies, to stop taking research funding from such companies and to cease Careers Service advertising for them”."