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    Izzy Tod

    Modern Languages students slam Year Abroad Office failings

    " Students told Cherwell that the Year Abroad Office provided minimal mental health support, a lack of meaningful assistance for students from working-class backgrounds, and has repeatedly disseminated false information and guidance. In one case, University failings led to students being scammed when applying for health insurance cards."

    In Conversation with Dick and Dom

    When our Zoom call connects, Dom has his arm wrapped around the back of Dick’s chair. The pair are sitting in a normal-looking front...

    In Conversation with Hannah Witton

    Hannah Witton's Zoom background puts the rest of us to shame. She is sat in an armchair with a tidy but colourful bookcase to...

    Boswells to be converted into a boutique hotel

    The iconic Oxford building that used to house Boswells department store is to be transformed into a new hotel and restaurant. The family-run department...

    100 Years of Sexism in the United Nations

    This week marks 100 years since the League of Nations, parent to the United Nations, was founded at the 1920 Paris Peace Conference. The...