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Women-only scholarship opened to all genders

A fellowhsip previously exclusive to women was made to be availible to all genders after it was deemed illegally discrimanatory last term. The Oxford Council,...

John Major apologised to Bill Clinton over Home Office role in...

John Major sent a letter apologising to Bill Clinton over the Home Office’s involvement in damaging press rumours, official cabinet records reveal. During the 1992...

I, Daniel Blake: a working class triumph

Jem Bartholomew hopes Ken Loach’s Palme d’Or win can revolutionise our national welfare debate

Representing The Impossible

Cinema will never be able to represent the horrors of the Holocaust, but Son of Saul offers a sensitive try, writes Jem Bartholomew

Review: High Rise – both style and substance

Jem Bartholomew reviews Ben Wheatley's stylish and meaty adaptation of the J.G. Ballard's novel High Rise


An aerial photo of the Sydney Cricket Ground during a Test match between Australia and India

Sledging Down Under: Australia’s latest war of words

Australia's sledging has evolved in the aftermath of the ball-tampering scandal last year

Ed David named OURFC Blues captain for 2019

David will be captain for the forthcoming 2019 Varsity campaign
Collage showing cycling shorts, bum bags, yellow jumpers, and teddy coat

The Year in Fashion: 2018’s Best and Worst Trends

The Cherwell Fashion Editors give their take on 2018's key trends.
Mayweather mid-fight

Is Boxing in Danger of Losing its Prestige?

Oliver Donaldson reflects on Mayweather’s humiliation of Nasukawa

2018’s Cultural Highlights

Amber Sidney-Woollett recaps a year in culture