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Josie Thornton

To fall in love in just ‘One Day’: Review

"One Day, like Normal People, has touched me in a way that very few other programmes have."

An Oxfess on Oxlove

"...instead of reaching for your phone to share your love, take a chance on people in real life."

Bursting the Oxford bubble

It seemed like a particularly busy Saturday morning as I weaved through the crowds on Cornmarket street. Extinction Rebellion were out banging drums and...

One of the flock

Time passes differently here in Oxford. It is something that I am not sure I will ever get my head around. As I rushed...

A reflection on Freshers’ Week

A week of forgetting names, failing to log-in to Eduroam, and dressing up as a jigsaw puzzle: I’m pleased to find that freshers’ week...

‘Irishness existing in England’: the brilliance of Skinty Fia

I first came across Irish post-punk band Fontaines D.C. when my brother brought me their debut album on vinyl for Christmas, back in 2019....