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Kim Darrah

Interview: Rosie Nelson

Kim Darrah talks to model and campaigner Rosie Nelson on her fight against fashion's skinny obsession

Boy meets Girl

This week's photoshoot blurs the lines between menswear and womenswear

Is Fashion Becoming Less Gender-Specific?

Kim Darrah discusses whether the line between menswear and womenswear is as clear as it once was

5 Designers to get excited about for London Fashion Week

Kim Darrah explores some of the themes and inspirations behind designers set to show at the upcoming London Fashion Week

Student anger at straight-up ‘appropriation’ of Queerfest

Oxford LGBTQ Society members furious at treatment of the ‘celebration of queer culture’ as a ‘party’

Freshers’ Fair charges face criticism

OUSU Council condemns the University’s “excessive” costs

Ruskin DIY completes studios

Students go weeks without studios, help in completion of building

RMF to protest at Oriel following Rhodes statue petition

Oxford-based restorative justice campaign RMF plans controversial protest to remove Rhodes statue from Oriel

St. Catz grant JCR financial independence

College provisionally allows JCR to become financially autonomous after meeting

Trinity votes to keep gendered curry nights

Trinity JCR condemns singing of 'sexist' song but to keep curry nights separated along gender lines

Travel: 7th week MT

Breathing in Bangalore