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Louis Rabinowitz

Indie cinema’s uncertain future

If nothing else, the chaos provoked by the COVID-19 pandemic has been indiscriminate. Very few industries have been spared by its impact, whether that...

Top 10 Films of 2019

Cinema in 2019 has been surrounded by chaos. The medium is caught in a rocky and acrimonious transition, as some seek to hold onto...

Lenin’s on sale again

We love the idea of effecting change, of putting our own mark on the world. But take a peek under the hood, and the truth is a little less empowering, and far more complicated.

The Dangers of Disney+

For the past few years, the same small collection of streaming services has vied for the attention of UK viewers. But things are set to change rapidly in the coming months, as practically every big media company will pitch their own tent in an increasingly competitive media landscape.

Stranger Things and… capitalism?

Even as our favourite American TV shows are owned and trademarked by enormous conglomerates with massive influence over the entertainment industry, prestige television has often been...