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Martin Conmy

The Oxford college named after a fascist

There have been no protests, no outrage, over the fact that a fascist pedophile, who stood for everything our modern society should abhor, continues to be unambiguously celebrated by the university authorities.

The forgotten pandemic?

"The emergence of anti-vaccine extremism demonstrated that the ghost of dogmatic individualism lived on"

Tiddlywinks, Quidditch, and Psychedelic Drugs: Inside Oxford’s Strangest Student Societies

It’s Monday night. My friends have invited me to go clubbing, my essay is overdue, and I can’t remember the last time I got...

Oxford’s term structure needs to change – here’s why it won’t

"Three eight-week terms used to be the norm in Britain – but over the course of the last century, university after university has abandoned them."

Labour loses Oxford City Council majority after nine resignations

Labour have lost their majority on Oxford City Council as a result of resignations over Keir Starmer’s refusal to condemn Israeli policy in the...

Why British politics hates the young

Time and time again, the interests of a youthful many have been neglected in favour of an elderly few. What the young need more than anything else is a growing economy; but for the old economic growth is difficult and disturbing