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    Matt Roberts

    The illusion of choice in the land of the free

    Matt Roberts contemplates the variety (or lack thereof) of eateries at Dartmouth College

    The enduring value of Diamond Dogs

    Matt Roberts crawls through the outpourings of Bowie praise to look at a long-forgotten album

    Review: The Skriker

    Matt Roberts is seriously creeped out by this baby stealing, terror inducing Pilch show

    Preview: The Nether

    Matt Roberts grapples with the ethics of child abuse and virtual realities ahead of this astonishing Playhouse production

    Spotlight: the Edinburgh Fringe

    The first thing that strikes you when you get off the train is Edinburgh as a city; this bizarrely layered and ancient city of...

    A fresher’s guide to Oxford Drama

    Matt Roberts demystifies the daunting prospect that is the uni theatre scene

    Preview: Canon Warriors

    Matt Roberts looks forward to hand puppets and feminism at the fringe

    Review: OUDS Tour – A Midsummer Night’s Dream

    The OUDS international tour's first performance takes Matt Roberts to a world of brummy fairies

    The utter pointlessness of being alive

    Matt Roberts considers the mindless inevitability of his life in love, religion and personal worth

    Preview: Rent

    Matt Roberts is wowed by the scale and passion of this production

    Review: The Changing of the Guard

    Matt Roberts wishes this production had been given a little more space to breathe