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Nick Mutch

Legislating private relationships

Nick Mutch considers the consequences of proposed legislation against domestic abuse.

Should alleged rapists be given anonymity until charged?

Nick Mutch and Niamh McIntyre discuss the consequences of a potential move towards greater anonymity for those accused of rape.

Interview: Julian Huppert

Nick Mutch talks drugs and coalition politics with Julian Huppert, Liberal Democrat MP for Cambridge

Union candidates disqualified for electoral malpractice

Presidential candidate Sunny Jain is banned from standing in future Oxford Union elections as OUSU VP Sarah Pine and others are also found guilty of electoral malpractice

Interview: John Rentoul

Nick Mutch talks Blair, Thatcher and Journalism with The Independent on Sunday's chief political commentator John Rentoul

Christ Church appoints a new dean

Christ Church have appointed a new dean, the Rev Canon Professor Martyn Percy, to start in October 2014

Interview: Alastair Campbell

Alastair Campbell talks Iraq, good journalism and why he hated Cambridge with Nick Mutch

Debate: Can UKIP now be viewed as a respectable party?

Nick Mutch and Alice King discuss the respectability of the Eurosceptic UK Independence Party

Tony Benn: The strange death of socialist England

Nick Mutch discusses the reasons behind Tony Benn's lack of parliamentary success

Interview: Chris Hedges

Nick Mutch talks journalism and Julian Assange with Chris Hedges

Interview: Norman Finkelstein

Nick Mutch discusses Obama and Israel with Norman Finkelstein

Debate: International students – is more help needed?

Following recent debate, Nick Mutch and Conor Dinan discuss whether international students should receive more assistance

Students protest cuts to the homelessness budget

Hundreds of students turned protested outside the city hall over cuts to the homelessness budget

Students protest cuts to homelessness budget

VIDEO: Students, OUSU and councillors protest against the 38% cut in Oxford County Council's homelessness budget