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Nicola Dwornik

“I’m carrying two paper bags. One contains a croissant, the other my soul”

It’s time to stop demonising a corporate career choice and accept the rent-paying reality, writes Nicola Dwornik

The queen of artistic appropriation is crowned at the Tate Modern

Nicola Dwornik reviews a long overdue exhibition of Fahrelnissa Zeid's life and work

My town and my gown: chickpeas and televised murder

Nicola Dwornik illuminates some surprising similarities and differences between urban Oxford and bucolic Buckinghamshire

‘It’s even kind of morale boosting, in a Lana kind of way’

Nicola Dwornik praises Lana Del Rey's latest subtle reinvention

Interest on student loans set to rise by a third

Student loans are to suffer greatly from the UK's inflation surge, prompted by Brexit

UPDATE: Boat Races set to go ahead after discovery of unexploded WWII bomb

Event expected to take place as planned after police inspected the area

Time-turners and doppelgängers: battling homesickness at Oxford

Nicola Dwornik talks about the difficulties of finding a true home within college walls

Life divided: collections

Nicola Dwornik describes two different takes on the termly ‘collections’ experience

One thing I’d change about Oxford… The Gladstone Link

Nicola Dwornik depicts daunting reality in the Gladstone Link

What animal is your degree?

Nicola Dwornik defends humanities degrees against the charge of apparent laziness

Why it’s okay to hate freshers’ week (but it’s only okay to admit it one year later)

Nicola Dwornik explains her animosity towards this cherished university institution