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Nina Naidu

From the High Table: formal dinners at Oxford

I vividly remember spending my first ever evening in Oxford at the Freshers’ Formal Dinner. Surrounded by strangers and the portraits of those who...

The Modern Corset

"Corsets boast a captivating history spanning centuries, originally worn to sculpt the female silhouette."

The Autobiogra-phony

"A master of saying everything and nothing all at once! I sure would make a great celeb."

Breaking the Ice on Seasonal Depression

January creeps in, bringing a chilly breeze that hints at the grasp of winter. The temperature steadily drops, barren trees shiver, and the landscape...

Introducing 2023’s Standout Reads

"2023 was truly a year of amazing writing, and I am so grateful to have explored such a wide variety of literature and non-fiction."

May The Wolf Die

Read the latest from The Source: 'May the Wolf Die' by Nina Naidu It’s not as though you’ve had your fill.Each night, a lunar eclipse,...

Unveiling the Suburban Secrets of Desperate Housewives 

If I were to select only one show on repeat for the rest of my life, there’s no doubt it would be Desperate Housewives....

Procrastination: title pending…

In today’s high-pressure society, it is no secret that we all fall prey to procrastination. Whether it’s that looming essay deadline or last-minute revision...

A delightfully sweet summer at Cocoa Runners

People often say that patience is a virtue, and I embraced this mantra (unintentionally) during my quest for a summer internship. Whilst many friends...

How can we make the most of Oxford’s eight-week frenzy?

"We have found ourselves in a place where we are surrounded by tradition and glamour, yet we have no time to enjoy it."

She’s Glad Her Mom Died. And I understand why.

'In a sea of celebrity memoirs, I'm Glad My Mom Died stands out as one of the most poignant releases of 2022.'

Give a Book, Give a Smile!

"If it were up to me, I would make every day International Book Giving Day."