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Oliver Hogg

Review: “Haram” by Armand Hammer

"Bright and blinking synths atop a deep and detailed sax lead and jazzy and triumphant drums." Oliver Hogg dives into Armand Hammer's seventh and latest project, "Haram".

MF DOOM: Remembering the Supervillain

It is a convention of English that proper nouns are capitalized so to signify their importance; this is why cities and names are capitalized....

Review: Idles’ ‘Ultra Mono’

Being a huge fan of Idles for the past few years, I was dumfounded by the criticism that they have faced since the release of...

Review: Mach-Hommy’s ‘Mach’s Hard Lemonade’

Mach’s music can be compared to stocks, which you invest in for a return on them.

Review: MIKE’s ‘Weight of the World’

A phenomenal work of abstract hip-hop; WOTW is sure to appear near the top of my year-end list.

SOPHIE: a sound of change and triumph

Sophie’s music is the sound of triumph in insecurity and acceptance of identity