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Peter Bowden

The Bowden Column

An end-of-term salvo from resident culture columnist Pete Bowden...

Peter Bowden

If they’d switched it for a donkey’s scrotum, I’d still have believed it

Modern art is rubbish

When I grow up I'm going to be a rich art dealer

I love charity

If a Big Issue looks good I’ll download it

Hi, I’m a human

Not pleasing everyone is a failure I will embrace.

The jackboot look is IN!

Here’s my idea. Tomorrow we form a party, and campaign to legalise all child porn.

Gay gay gay

I’m not in favour of the freedom to drive cars into skipping schoolkids.

Dance on my grave

Stan probably didn’t want himself linked to Mr Blobby.

Where’s the originality in student journalism?

by Peter BowdenAll student journalists must die; every single one, rounded up and shot in the face at point-blank range, for the good of...