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Pieter Garicano

Editor-in-Chief, Michaelmas 2022. Reading PPE at St Peter's College.

“Some people claim a right not to be offended. And I think that’s unfortunate.” Vice-Chancellor Professor Louise Richardson in conversation with Cherwell

Serving since January 2016, Professor Louise Richardson’s term as Vice-Chancellor comes to an end this year. The first female vice-chancellor, presiding over a significant...

Beyond the Etonians: Simon Kuper’s Chums in today’s Oxford

"If the structure of undergraduate life then had such adverse outcomes and is so worthy of condemnation – and the structure fundamentally hasn’t changed – what does that imply for Oxford now?"

Leader: Oxford SU must not fail to stand against NUS antisemitism

When Shaima Dallali tweeted ‘Khaybar Khaybar O Jews … Muhammad’s army will return’, the president-elect of the National Union of Students was being explicit...

Union announces additional speakers for HT22

The Oxford Union has announced four extra speakers who will be coming to Oxford during the coming weeks. They include US Representative Hakeem Jeffries...

The anti-Politician: An afternoon with Anjali Ramanathan

The considerations of a would-be student politician. A student, who, despite being a self-declared introvert, has been thrust to the very top of student politics. President of the Christ Church JCR, candidate for the presidency of the Oxford Union -- Ramanathan wants to run things. 

Transforming Silence: The group reinvigorating change to University sexual assault policy

Led by (ex-)Oxford undergraduates and current graduate students across six faculties and sixteen colleges, the new collective aims to both be a space to support survivors and a movement that prevents further sexual violence.

Professor Stephen Blythe announced as new Principal of LMH

Harvard Professor Stephen Blythe has been announced as the new Principal of Lady Margaret Hall, starting in Michaelmas Term 2022.

Michael-Akolade Ayodeji elected President of the Oxford Union, Connect slate wins all other major positions

Michael-Akolade Ayodeji of the INSPIRE slate has been elected President of the Oxford Union for Trinity 2022, winning 486 first preferences and 52% of...

Catholic society honoured controversial Cardinal with five course banquet

"The Oxford University Catholic Society, the Newman society, has come under fire for inviting controversial Cardinal George Pell to give this year’s St Thomas More Lecture. The lecture was followed by a drinks reception and five course black-tie dinner held in Cardinal Pell’s honour."

Global Day for Climate Justice draws crowds in Oxford

Saturday the 6th saw a protest for climate justice in Oxford, which started with a march in Cowley and ended with a rally on Broad Street. It was attended by a “movement of movements”, including Extinction Rebellion, Oxford Climate Society and various faith and political leaders.

Balliol students demand College admits failures and implements reforms

Three Balliol students have launched a campaign against sexual violence, organising an open letter and protest aimed at ending a “culture of enabling and impunity” at Balliol College.

Dean of the Faculty of Law launches #RaceMeToo

Responses to #RaceMeToo have ranged from shock at her experiences to solidarity from non-BAME people. But mostly, what followed was recognition.

All 18-30 year olds across Oxfordshire urged to take PCR test

The rise in cases in Oxfordshire is largely concentrated amongst younger age groups and the unvaccinated. With many of the cases being amongst younger, less vulnerable, individuals, one in three new cases are asymptomatic – allowing the virus to spread undetected.