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Reuben Meadows

Byte-sized buzz: The craze for short-form media 

It feels essential to state that ‘short-form’ media, in its clips and images, is inevitably never a short-term experience. We’ve all opened our phones...

Outside OX1: Oxford’s other neighbourhoods

It is often said that Oxford consists of just three streets: the High Street, Cornmarket, and Broad Street. The first is the city’s beating...

Oxfess #999: Help! My Best Friend is Addicted to Oxfess 

Oxfess: the social media platform that broadcasts the woes and troubles of the University’s most prolific oversharers. Reuben meadows discusses the all-consuming world of Oxfess.

Wild swimming in Oxford: ready to take the plunge?

"Swimming in Oxford offers a chance to leave behind the stress of the Radcam rat race. While it certainly isn’t a cure-all, I have found it helps me balance my student life."