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Sophie Jamieson

Hilary Mantel’s got a point

Sophie Jamieson argues that the media’s overreaction about Hilary Mantel just proves her point

St Hugh’s to move location to Christ Church Meadow

JCR votes to move college to Christ Church Meadow to avoid derisive jokes about distance from city centre

Cherworld: Michaelmas Week 7

Sophie and Anthony clash over a motion at Corpus Christi to create a 'conservative rep' - do students with right of centre views face excessive criticism from their fellow students?

Cherworld: Week 6 Michaelmas

Sophie and Anthony bring you an election special. Should we use our RON? Does anyone know who's running for police commissioner? Is anyone telling the truth when they say they've voted in the OUSU elections?

Cherworld: Michaelmas – Week 5

Following the news that Merton are to adopt an unusual college animal, Sophie and Anthony turn their attention to a pressing matter: are tapirs adorable or hideous?

Cherworld; Michaelmas – Week 4

Following the news that Hugh Grant is one of New College's latest batch of honorary fellows, Sophie and Anthony ask what makes one worthy of this honour.

Cherworld: Michaelmas Week 3

Sophie and Anthony discuss the Union's decision to invite George Galloway to talk: should they be more careful when choosing guests?

Cherworld: Michaelmas Week 2

Sophie and Anthony discuss government plans for more extensive reports for University students - important recognition or pointless pen-pushing?

Cherworld: Michaelmas Week 1

Sophie Jamieson and Anthony Collins are back for a new year of Cherworld. This week, the news that OUSU is the least popular student union in the country. Should we care about this?

Internship blog: news agencies

Sophie Jamieson goes on the beat in search of bums, Bond, Bob Diamond, and the nitty-gritty of news reporting

Cherworld: Trinity Week 8

In an end of year Cherworld special, former presenters Beth Mckernan and Robin McGhee join Sophie and Anthony to discuss whether Oxford's 'toff' image is putting people off applying.

Cherworld: Trinity Week 7

Sophie and Anthony are joined by outgoing editors Rachel Savage and Vicky Lim for a very topical and divisive debate. The Royals: providers of sterling service to the nation, or a bunch of anachronistic freeloaders?

Cherworld: Trinity Week 6

Sophie and Anthony discuss Cherwell's recent investigation into college security, should colleges be doing more to keep us safe and sound?

Education for life

Following news of an 82 year old woman gaining a diploma from Oxford, Sophie Jamieson talks to the department director and one of the students at Oxford's Continuing Education department, discussing the importance of adult learning and the opportunities there for undergraduates.