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Sophie Magalhaes

Oxford turns to public to collect artefacts for new digital World War II archive

Their Finest Hour, a University of Oxford project launched in July 2022, has received funding from the National Lottery Heritage and will be made...

Open Minds, Open Conversations: An Interview with the LOAF Podcast

I knew vaguely of the podcast run by four of my fellow Christ Church students before interviewing them for Cherwell. It takes hard work...

RadGlam: The Vogue of Oxford Libraries

It’s a sunny Monday morning. You’ve woken up early enough to shower, get dressed, and head to the RadCam to tackle the mountain of...

Surrealist Film Review: Fellini’s 8½

"It is where Fellini blurs the lines between fantasy and reality that he has produced an authentic filter of a man’s consciousness."

“Inclusive and psychologically profound” – Review: Dracula

Sophie Magalhaes reviews Leah O'Grady's 'queer Dracula' at Michael Pilch Studio.

“To this I put my name”- Review: Casterbridge

If Thomas Hardy had blessed his female characters with more than an “ephemeral precious essence of youth,” perhaps he would have produced something along the lines of Dorothy McDowell’s Casterbridge, an adaptation of Hardy’s 1886 novel The Mayor of Casterbridge.