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Thomas Britton

Oxford begins human trials for ebola vaccine

This vaccine is also unique in being multivalent - targeting multiple variants of the virus. By being able to target both Zaire and Sudan variants, the vaccine can be used in virtually all outbreaks and therefore governments can stockpile it, secure that it will be useful if a new outbreak appears.

Philippines presidential candidate did not complete Oxford degree as he claims

"Mr. Marcos Jr. has claimed repeatedly in the past that he obtained a BA in PPE...However, Oxford University has confirmed that this claim is partly false."

Oxford Brookes plan for new student accommodation rejected again

This is now the second time such an application has been rejected, despite the recommendation of the Council’s planning officers that the Council approve the application. In 2019 a similar plan was rejected unanimously by the council, with concerns raised especially over the height of the new buildings.

Magdalen could become richest college after selling £160 million stake in Oxford Science Park

The valuation obtained by the Financial Times is a staggering ten times more than what it was worth only five years ago in 2016, a testament to the extraordinary growth of Britain's medical and life science research sector in recent years.