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Thomas Coyle

‘The most important lesson I’ve had as a journalist’: Adam Fleming in conversation

Adam Fleming joins me just before his daily nap. A critical part of his daily routine, enabling those 4AM starts and late-night Newscast sessions,...

Oxford’s outreach is great: How do we make it even better?

My introduction to Cherwell was reading a Features article, just after I’d received my UCAS offer. It was a well-written expose on Oxford’s secret...

University renames philosophy professorship following a £2.8 million donation

The professorship, originally titled The White’s Chair of Moral Philosophy, is now known as The Sekyra and White’s Professorship of Moral Philosophy. The donors, the Sekyra Foundation, revealed in a statement that they made the gift to “uncover deeper levels of reality” by utilising philosophy.

Computer Science at Oxford ranked top in the world

"The University of Oxford’s Computer Science department has been ranked top in the world for the fourth year running."