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Timea Iliffe

Students petition for removal of Rhodes statue, protest planned for Tuesday

In the wake of protests following the killing of George Floyd and an upsurge of anti-racist movement across the UK and within Oxford, there...

Layla Moran resumes Lib Dem leadership bid

Layla Moran MP has reaffirmed her bid to become party leader, following a decision by the Liberal Democrat Federal Board to bring the leadership...

Uniquely comforting consolation: a look at Netflix’s Tiger King

A show perfectly designed to offer release has to do that without troubling itself with the burdens of social responsibility

Calm Down About Your Five-Year Plan

Timea Iliffe questions at what point we all started living by the unspoken five year plan

Racist or Unfortunate, Johnson’s Language is Harmful

Timea Iliffe contends that regardless of whether the Prime Minister's language can be called racist or unfortunate, it is nonetheless harmful to those it targets.

Oxford City Council announces new powers to improve energy standards

Oxford City Council has taken on new powers to improve the energy efficiency standards of commercial and rental properties across the city. Powers previously...