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Zoe Lambert

Covid-19 and populism: The death or renewal?

The dire mismanagement of the crisis by populist-led governments has temporarily exposed the delusion of the populist promise, driving the people towards more conventional politics. However, populists in opposition are and can expect to continue seeing a surge of support, with the pandemic providing the ideal environment for them to exploit.

The Arab Spring: ten years on

"Following 10 tumultuous years, it is hard to see any hope for these war-scarred countries." Zoe Lambert looks back at the Arab Spring, questioning the successes and failures, and reflects on being in Morocco as it began in 2010.

20% of COVID-19 patients receive a psychiatric diagnosis in 3 months, Oxford study finds

A new study shows that 20% of those who contract coronavirus are diagnosed with a mental health illness within 3 months. This is about...