Thursday, March 21, 2019

Style Hunter Trinity 13

Cherwell Fashion brings you some of the best dressed girls that have been featured in the paper this term.

Fashion is a Feminist Issue

Daniella Shreir discusses whether an interest in fashion can be reconciled with feminist principles.

Sidewalk Safari

TT 2013 - Issue 6

Ooh La La

TT 2013 - Issue 8

You WILL go to the ball

For this week's Fashion Challenge Roxie scours the high street for outfits that will please your purse and make you the belle of the ball!

Summer Fashion Tips

Summer fashion tips from Oxford-based fashion blogger Wild-Vagabonds, also known as Jessica Li

A gem of a trend

Harriet Baker reviews the jewel in the crown of AW 2011

London Fashion Week: Observations of an Outsider

Daniella Shreir attends three runway shows, and explores how 'I tweet therefore I am' culture has transformed London Fashion Week.

On make-up and mentality

Emily Pritchard highlights the growing dependence on make-up and its unrealistic expectations

Witching Hour

MT 2013 - Issue 4
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