Oxford scholar questions £335m painting’s Da Vinci attribution

Wolfson fellow Matthew Landrus says only 5-20% of the 'Salvator Mundi' is Da Vinci's work, after a recording breaking sale at Christie’s auction house


The heatwave is a chilling reminder of where our planet is...

Recent weeks have seen a record-breaking heatwave scorch and desiccate the green lands of Britain (including Oxford’s yellowed quads), wildfires are tearing through the...

No-fault divorce is a human right

The recent unsuccessful legal battle fought by Tini Owens for a divorce highlights the unfair and sexist nature of UK divorce law


McQueen Review – “an example of masterful documentary film-making”

Ian Bonhôte's creation celebrates McQueen’s legacy as a skilled artist and visionary

Witch Hunt Review – ‘Dizzily funny writing and disastrous hair’

Horseplay Productions' politically-charged sketch comedy hits comedic targets despite an ambiguous through-line.


Premier League Predictions 2018/19

With the Premier League now underway, it's time to place your bets, make your predictions, and debate the fortunes of England's football elite.

English football finally delivers in Russia 2018

An unprecedented level of engagement made this World Cup one to remember.

Gary Lineker – ‘the media scrutiny is far more intense compared to 30 years...

Speaking ahead of the World Cup, Gary Lineker opens up on football punditry, the British press, and what would merit a good performance for the England team


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