No champagne for the Hockey Varsity teams


Both the OUHC Women’s and Men’s Blues left Southgate Hockey Club empty-handed on Sunday, having lost their Varsity matches.

The day started with the Dark Blues on top, with Worcester winning in the final of “Super Cuppers” on penalty flicks, and Oxford supporters maintaining a much stronger chant than their Tab counterparts.

Unfortunately, this success was not repeated in the ladies’ game, with Oxford eventually succumbing 2-1 to the stronger Light Blues. An outstanding performance by Lizzy Totten earned her Oxford Player of the Match.

The men’s match followed with Oxford, who were 2-0 down at half time, eventually winning two goals, with a superb goal from Joe Foster in the final few minutes. Despite strong keeping from Club President, Michael Fernando, Cambridge still went on to win because of penalty shuttles. Olie Lobo, former captain of the Oxford Men’s, won the Oxford Player of the Match award.

In previous years, a draw would simply mean retention of the trophy and title by the previous year’s winners. However, for the first time in Blues Varsity history, the match was decided by penalty shuttles, in which one player has 8 seconds to score against the opposing keeper, the overall setup similar to penalties in football.

It was a frustrating day for the Dark Blues, and overall each Varsity hockey side won three matches each.


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