Bleat Dark Blue


It would seem that both the Cambridge crews and goats are a little confused. The title Oxford and Cambridge B(g)oat races is a little misleading, but Cherwell would like to stress for our Cambridge friends that this does not mean you have to finish in that order…

Once the distraction of some little rowing races was out of the way, crowds descended on Spitalfields City Farm for the great Varsity event of the year; the Goat Race. Not to distract from the main event, the costume competition and edible trophy competition for the crowds hungry for Varsity action. For those of a more monetary disposition, the official bookie was on hand to aid in the parting of many a student loan.

Now in its seventh year, the Goat Race continues to draw the attention away from its watery rivals, though, due to the general diva-esque tendencies of the competitors, the race was scheduled to be run sometime between 14:00 and 17:00. Last year, the race was composed of three runners; Oxford, And, Cambridge, with And taking home the trophy. This year, the goat in Dark Blue was looking to regain the prize from its conjunction rival.

As with all Boat Races, Cambridge just weren’t in it from the start. The representative from Oxford stormed to victory, maintaining the pride and reputation of the clearly better University. Unfortunately, the winning Oxford goat was unable to partake in the #BleedDarkBlue competition, due to anatomy problems and a Kayne-sized ego.

It was a great event, which raised over £14,000 for Spitalfields City Farm, and a fitting end to a weekend of Dark Blue domination.

Goat > Boat 



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