Creaming Spires TT15 Week 0


She was on the pill, I wasn’t. The best way to get a guy to put a condom on is to say straight out – do you want to have a child right now? 

I’m the jealous type. I never thought I’d be okay having to share a guy (in a two girls, one guy three-way situation), but because it was with my friend, I was genuinely happy to see her pleasured by our new sexual acquaintance. We’d had the sex chats over and over and we knew each other’s sexual history as well as our own. Being there, in the moment with her, it was an unexpected way to cement our otherwise wholly platonic friendship. And so, the ‘morning after the night before’ chat was undertaken at a whole new level. There was literally no detail to be missed – we’d both been right there, in the action. Our friends gathered around as good all good listeners do, vociferous with awe and jealousy. 

If you had been wondering, it’s a massive turn on watching other people having sex. It probably helps if you know your turn’s coming next, and it’s definitely no equivalent to walking in on your friends/siblings/parents ‘in the act’. Having a threesome is also a completely different experience from sex with just one other person. It was surprisingly not awkward (socially or sexually), I didn’t feel shy or embarrassed, even though there was arguably more potential for that. “No, you go down on him. You need the practice” – didn’t I say we knew each other’s sex lives pretty well? It was fun, it was communal, and it was the least seedy casual experience I’ve ever had. 

After a brief, post-coitus doze (the multiple rounds of drinks had taken their toll on my energy levels), I woke up to more murmurs of satisfaction and a gentle bumping against my back. My playmates were at it again. I was faced with a predicament. If I didn’t get at it again with them now, was I just an odd girl lying next to some people having sex?! I decided I had to join in again. 

Threesomes can be pretty awkward, what with the bodily squelches, the recurrent questions “whose is that?” and “whose turn is it not?”. However, I think that there’s only one golden rule for having a threesome – you’ve got to be doing something. So, off we went again. Sex definitely lasts longer when there’s 50% extra sex drive in the room. 

His sense of achievement the next morning was, if I’m honest, something of a downer on the w hole e xperience. He w as clearly straight, whereas my friend and I take a more relaxed approach to the spectrum that is sexuality. For him, it had been a case of getting two girls to say ‘yes’ – a sexual exploit to tell his friends and boost his masculinity. Had it been one girl and two guys, the girl would not be feeling the same satisfaction – she’d allowed two guys to fuck her brains out, but she hadn’t ‘earned’ them. Ironically, in our situation, it was our idea. I’m not sure what he’s going to tell his mates, but he was the one saying yes to our suggestions. And, hell, did we show him a good time.


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