LMH launches outreach scheme

Next year 12 students to be welcomed from under-represented backgrounds

The Principal of LMH. Source: TheConversation

Lady Margaret Hall will be welcoming 12 students to take part in the college’s new programme next year, a foundation year to support students from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds before they apply for undergraduate study at Oxford University.

This pilot project is designed to mirror Trinity College Dublin’s equivalent which has been running successfully for 17 years. The college will recruit participants in selected neighbourhoods from which children rarely go on to Oxford or other universities after school.

Alumni were called to come in help of the project financially and only three subjects will not participate in the scheme.

The Principal of LMH Alan Rusbridger stated in his blog, “there are groups of young people today who are markedly under-represented at Oxford, even if it is not quite right to call them “excluded”.”

Emma Andrews, current president of LMH JCR, said the JCR would ensure “all the foundation students feel welcomed and supported.”


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