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Sophie Jordan

Death and the maiden

An exploration of Verdi and the orchestra

Home is where the art is: Rod Jordan

Sophie Jordan ventures past her grandfather’s notecards only to come back to them

Walking the pilgrim’s way

Looking back at his exhibition 'We will meet', Alvin Ong tells Sophie Jordan of his walks along the thin line between memory and fiction

Old&New: Pascal Pinaud, Granny’s modern rival

Yet another woolly jumper and a visit to the Maeght Foundation outside Nice push Sophie Jordan to consider the artist’s unexpected inspirations

On the look-out: Hilary 2017 in art

Cherwell Visuals brings you this term's calendar of top exhibitions and events not to miss

Acid leak at Brookes

Firefighters called and parts of Headington Campus evacuated as chemicals leaked at Sinclair Building

No more scholars’ gowns at viva exams

Candidates of oral exams for undergraduate and postgraduate science degrees are now required to wear commoner’s gowns to avoid bias

Christ Church motion for war on Merton and Corpus “passed with flying colours”

The college’s JCR committee has decided to take on both belligerents at once

Full Royall report confirms cases of antisemitic behaviour at OULC

The report answers the concerns initially raised by the resignation of co-Chair Alex Chalmers

NUS snaps at maintenance grant scrap

Maintenance grants for students in the poorest threshold replaced by "lifetime debt"

Weston Library and Blavatnik School shortlisted for RIBA Stirling Prize

Two buildings from one same institution shortlisted for first time in prize’s history

Playlists and procrastination: soundtracking exam season

Sophie Jordan explores the link between revision, creativity and music

Pledge2Reg campaign sees almost 1800 participants

A total of 24 colleges have seen over half their student bodies registered to vote in the EU referendum

Rhodes Trust expands global reach and access

Rhodes Trust to expand globally, as well as form new partnerships